Saturday, August 29, 2009

Long Ago Candy

You Can Still Buy Your Favorite Old Time Candy
No matter how old you are, you always feel young at heart when you find an old fashioned penny candy that reminds you of your childhood.  Biting into that sweet taffy and letting its warm memories wash over your soul always brings a smile to your lips.
Back when sugar wasn’t the enemy, any child with a nickel in his pocket could buy an assortment of penny candy to share with his or her friends, or even a pack of gum to tuck into a pocket before heading to the nearest pond for a quick swim or some fun fishing.  Those were the days of innocence and lemonade. 
If you have been hoping to stumble across a piece of old time candy, you know how hard it can be to find, but once you find your favorite candy from a long time ago, you are instantly transported back to a simpler time as soon as you get a taste.
A favorite of any young child were the many flavors of candy sticks that were available.  There were the multi-colored Twistix candy sticks that were fun to suck on until the stripes went away and you could crunch them up and reach for another.  Many kids would buy candy cigarettes, back when cigarettes claimed to be healthy, just to be like mom and dad or their big brothers or sisters.  They even came in packages the looked just like real cigarette packages.
What fun it was to buy wax lips to wear around the schoolyard, then chew like gum when you were done!  Thinking of was candies, weren’t those wax bottles great?  Filled with different colors of syrup, some even tasted like root beer, you just bit off the end, poured the liquid into your mouth then chewed the wax bottle to get the rest of the flavor.  Nothing was ever wasted with those.
Buying candy buttons on long strips of paper and peeling them off to eat them one by one.  Peeling them off not only took time, but also a little care so as not to break them.  The fun was in the peeling and sharing more than the eating of the fun colored dots.
Thinking about nostalgic candy makes me remember the oh-so-long shoestring licorice that was usually only available in red.  Recalling it reminds me of home. Often it was tied into bows or sailors knots before hurriedly eating it, most in one big bite!
Old fashioned chocolate candy bars are almost a thing of the past.  For only a nickel you got a candy bar that was bigger than today’s king sized candy bars.  The chocolate was so smooth and delicious.  You could include a candy necklace in your purchase and maybe even get a clear toy candy for less than a dime if you shopped carefully at the candy counter. 
These old fashioned candy choices are still available on the internet, so let you heart and mind be young again and enjoy just a piece of penny candy.